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Дж. Голсуорсі

About company

“Galca Ltd” – is over 80 years of a hight quality ukrainian coffee. Factory “Galca” is a modern and the largest Ukrainian enterprise with complete production cycle of coffee, starting from roasting green beans and ending with the manufacturing of soluble coffee products.The factory is specialized in the production of natural coffee, coffee beans and ground coffee. Also it had in its range of products seventeen different beverages based on coffee, chicory, barley, stevia and other natural ingredients.

The way of finished products depends on an extensive distribution network of Holding company Galca’s trade unit – Trade House Galca. This organization provides representation and sale of above mentioned manufacturers’ products. The network covers not only the whole Ukraine but also delivers finished products to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Israel, Moldova, China, Spain.

Lviv coffee cup is not just a cup of gorgeous black drink, but the spirit of old city Lviv, its pride, history and ancient traditions that are felt with every sip. We continue to strive not just to produce high quality products, but also give people a holiday - a holiday of delicious and fragrant coffee.