Справжня кава повинна бути чорною як ніч, солодкою як гріх, гарячою як кохання і міцною як дружба.

Поціновувач кави


2018-07-27 07:38

New items of ground coffee – Galca Coffee Travel


Two wonderful new items of roasted and ground natural coffee that will make this summer a truly special... Travel with the best coffee tastes of the world together with Galca coffee!

Coffee Travel B

This coffee is in the best traditions of the old Britain. It is soft and tender, strong and rich at the same time, with a silky texture and a rich variety of aftertastes – from delicate chocolate to spicy bitter taste in the last sip. This is an unforgettable coffee melody with notes of dried fruits and black chocolate.

Coffee Travel I

Classic black coffee with a character embodied in Italian traditions... Perfect strength and richness, sophisticated aroma that fills the space around with the feelings of warmth and comfort. The notes of oriental sweets perfectly amplify the brightness of spicy bitterness – the pure taste of premium coffee.